Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions - Handcrafted by Honey Hills Farm
Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions - Handcrafted by Honey Hills Farm

New Kids to Melt Your Heart

Honey really came through this year and gave us the best new kids!  This little doe is named Hildy and she’s a real character - as sweet (to us humans) as can be but also pretty tough. She has the tenacity of her mom and doesn’t let anyone boss her around even though she’s by no means the biggest kid in the pen.


This is Honey’s other doe, Heather, and she’s quite the bossy pants, just like her Ma and sister.  Heather is the biggest kid in the pen and uses her size to get what she wants which is usually more food! Thankfully,  she’s real sweet and friendly to us humans.

Sugar is special to us because we had to be her surrogate parents since her mom, at least for the first month of her life, thought she was an alien from Mars and refused to have anything to do with her.  It was pretty sad - when she was unhappy or hungry, she would run to us crying.  On the other hand, she would also run to us when she was happy and excited.  After a month or so, mom decided she was actually kinda cute and now treats her like her own kid.  Weird!

Last but not least (well, she is the tiniest), is Marissa.  She was known as ‘Maurice” for her first two weeks.  I guess it just shows how busy we were during that period since it’s usually not very difficult the figure out the sex of a kid!  

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