Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions - Handcrafted by Honey Hills Farm
Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions - Handcrafted by Honey Hills Farm

About Honey Hills Farm

We decided we wanted goats for quite a while before we actually got them. It wasn’t until my daughter orchestrated the purchase of our first goat, Honey, that we were able to delve into being responsible goat owners. Honey was very gracious with our initial inept attempts at milking. Soon, she was producing up to a half a gallon of milk a day and we were struggling to keep up with her prodigious production of that creamy white milk.     

This is Honey, Queen of the Goat Herd. She rules the herd with an iron head, butting any goat that gets out of line-literally; she's always first in line.


We soon realized we needed to find more ways to use her milk and started making soap. That went really well and we began making other body products. Of course, that meant we needed more goats to meet our increased needs. We added Star and she's sweet as sugar.

…and then along came Martha. Initially, it seemed like her main goal in life was to eat us out of house and home. She still eats quite a bit but, since she has given us three new babies, she needs all that extra chow to keep up with her crew.


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